Tuesday, January 31

Katy Perry Live in Manila

A super delayed post! Soweee!!!!
 Enroute to MOA concert grounds.

We came early! There was already a throng of people waiting to get in.

We had a lot of downtime so we decided to paint my nails. Shams bought different types of glitter nailpolish.

It looks like a gay unicorn just barfed into my nails! hahaha!

Camwhore :) Not so happy with my lash application here, my lashes were hella droopy!

I managed to nab some videos from the concert from this guy's Youtube Channel(his camera and seats were better!) I do not own these videos.

After waiting for what seems to be like forever, she finally came!!! This was her first song :)

She asked some cute guy to come up the stage and she kissed him!

Californioa Girls <3

 And of course...Firework!!!

Me and Shams had sooo much fun! It truly was an unforgettable experience. I wish Katy all the best although the news about her marriage falling apart makes me truly sad. She carried on like a pro though and didn't let on that anything was wrong with her personal life..the mark of a true performer.

That's all! Stay pretty!!! xx