Sunday, January 15

Floria Nutra Energy Miracle Serum Review

Warning!!! Pictures of me with no makeup below! My honest and unbiased review of this product based on 2 weeks of use.

 Floria Nutra Energy Miracle Serum Php 1288

Product description:
Made with organic Argan oil, Eternal P extract, Paschal candle stem cell extract, Phyto-oligo Hollyhock and Aloe patent components and Safflower water.
Anti-oxidant serum that contains 4 times more tocopherol than olive oil, thus preventing early signs of aging, such as dullness or dryness of the skin.
Spontaneous serum that helps the skin to prevent aging on its own, through the highly pure organic argan oils, by waking the idle cells.
Thick, fluid-like and golden, highly moisturizing, highly nutritious serum.

7 Free(Artificial Aroma, Mineral Oil, Benzophenone, TEA, Artificial dyes, Phtalate Sulfate & Penoxy-Ethanol-free, Alcohol-free, Paraben-free formula

Recommended Type 
Light-dry skin that needs more moisture and nutrients than regular essence
 Skin that needs immediate anti-aging improvement effect even when using one bottle
Skin with keratin breakouts
Skin that gets irritated from aroma and coloring
Skin that wants to feel natural after using serums

Directions: After using emulsion, pump once or twice (Approx 1cm in diameter), and apply gently, following the skin texture and tap lightly to let it be absorbed.

Highly moisturizing/nourishing (No more waking up to dry and tired skin)
Pimple/acne control
Got rid of the small bumps on my face
Smoother silkier skin texture
Anti-aging properties

Not for daytime use since it tends to feel heavy.

My take:

I have oily-combination and acne prone skin. I tend to shy away from highly moisturizing and oily stuff. This product is an oil based serum so a little goes a long way with this! I was surprised how it did not cause any breakouts and even managed the potential acne bombs on my face!

After two weeks of use I can definitely say that this product is a keeper and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a good anti-aging/moisturizing regimen.

Pictures are worth more than a thousand's my unedited no makeup photos with the serum!!!(after 2 weeks of use)

Yep I have two scars on my forehead. One from childhood trauma(right), the other from a curling iron incident(ouch!)

Time to close your mouth and stop screaming now. Yes I look very different without makeup.

Stay pretty!!! xx

*** I was not paid to write/post this review. I really wanted to post this since I am getting very good results from using this product and some of my friends have been asking me for a Tony Moly review :)

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