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Daddy-O Shampoo by Lush review

Friday, December 30

 Finally! A beauty related post! Here's my take on Daddy-O Purple shampoo from Lush.

I don't know about you

Thursday, December 29

But it really sucks to be me right now.

Love Mail from Jelly Anna!!! Weee!!!

Wednesday, December 28

Haircut at Beautybrick Salon

Monday, December 26

I rarely get a haircut since I like to keep my hair long. Every 6 months or so I get the itch to have my hair trimmed and layered. I really hate it when I leave the salon with hair shorter than I wanted!(This is very common for most salons here!)

I need a vacation!

Thursday, December 22

It's been quite awhile since I made an effort to do Gyaru makeup. Lately my peg has been that of a drag queen/cabaret dancer lol. I've been wearing dramatic lashes everyday at the office. Too bad I did not bring any circle lenses. I am seriously lemming Tony Moly Nano Gold BB cream. I think it's perfect for me since it has spf50 already. Thank you Ira for letting me try it!

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Wavy hair

Monday, December 19


Sunday, December 18

(Image from ABS_CBN News)

Knitwear at the lightshow

Today is gonna be good ;)

Thursday, December 15

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Here's to the end of a very looong and tiring week! Hurrah!!!!

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Can I be a fashion blogger now? LOL

Wednesday, December 14

Office Xmas Party!!!

Tuesday, December 13

Eno's lioncut and Viking girl!!!

Monday, December 12

 The face says it all! lol!

Blogger's United Part 2 and the Many Misadventures of Shams and Angel

Sunday, December 11

2 of Philippine's most bonggacious fashion bloggers! (Camille wasn't there though) Laureen Uy and Divine Lee!!!

Bloggers united part 1 and NO I did not copy "her" hair!!!

Saturday, December 10

For light does the darkness most fear

Thursday, December 8

Catshow pictures! Kitties Galore! part 1

Wednesday, December 7

Here's my super delayed FFPI catshow pics from last november 13. Sorry it took so long I've been busy and there's just too many pics to resize! Stay tuned for more kitty goodness!!!

What am I up to now?

Tuesday, December 6

Hmmm..... picture on the next page!

Win fabulous items from Tony Moly Philippines!

Sunday, December 4

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Ardell demi wispies black review!

Friday, December 2