Tuesday, September 27

dreaming of spring

dreaming of spring

dreaming of spring by pinkoolaid featuring peep toe high heels

Dolce Gabbana tie cardigan
£1,170 - profilebrighton.co.uk

Chloé shirts blouse
$700 - net-a-porter.com

Elastic waist skirt
$485 - 25park.com

Miu Miu peep toe high heels
$890 - net-a-porter.com

Chanel pink tote
$1,575 - fashionphile.com

Vintage style jewelry
$900 - aloharag.com

Plastic Bat plastic jewelry
£6 - hannahzakari.co.uk

Plastic Bat floral brooch
£6 - hannahzakari.co.uk

Dior Addict Lipstick
$28 - lordandtaylor.com

Gala Curios Ephemere Collar Antique Gold
265 AUD - thegrandsocial.com.au

miss ferriday Waterfall Top in White
$104 - revolveclothing.com

Friday, September 23

meitixiuxiu fun

I love this app!!! been messing around with it since lastnight. It's in chinese but it's pretty easy to navigate even if you don't understand the language :) It's a photo editing app for girls who want to look more kawaii. You can change to diff tones, smooth out the skin, apply false eyelashes, lipstick , blush on etc!!!

 Freaky eyes!!!

 More pics and gifs below!!!

Sunday, September 18


They've moved the radio interview to Tuesday Sept. 20, 8am at mellow 94.7 fm (UTC/GMT +8 hours). Pls. tune in if you're free at that time:)

Saturday, September 17

Shimmery dramatic Gyaru eye makeup tutorial

This is my first attempt at a picture tutorial so go easy on me ok :) The shots of my makeup below were done in Macro setting with flash. My skin looked really gross so I edited the shit out of the photos! Sorry!

 To be honest I don't look like this everyday! Trust me this is all makeup, good camera, angling, lighting etc. check my previous posts to see how I look without makeup on! here and here. I am making life so easy for trolls aren't I? LOL!!!

Tutorial below!!!

Thursday, September 15

Mode gyaru shoot

I wanted to showcase the sophisticated and mature side of Gyaru fashion which is called Mode. Hence this is my attempt at Mode Gyaru.

I don't really consider myself a Gyaru expert so all you trolls and Gyaru know-it-alls can move along now!

I just really appreciate asian style- Gyaru most of all and I would like to let people know more about it.

Mohdo (mode)モード - The Japanese term for “high fashion” — with the emphasis on challenging designer brands and not casual wear or traditional. From the French “mode.” -source

For additonal info about Mode gyaru look check my previous post about it here and here

  More pics below!

Wednesday, September 14

Rosie the riveter look

I'm taking a break from Gyaru/Ulzzang posts, I decided to try something different for today.

Yes these are old photos(before I dyed my hair blonde) but I think they're too fab to not share them with you guys ;) video tutorial below!(not by me sorry) but plenty of camwhore pics!!! Weeee!!!!!  >=) let me know if you guys want a  a makeup tutorial for this look, it's just a basic pinup look anyway.

Tuesday, September 13

Ulzzang to gyaru makeup

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 Introducing a dark-haired ulzzang version of me!!!

To be honest I miss those days of not having to spend so much time doing my hair and makeup. But then again, I love Gyaru fashion and the extra oomph it gives me. The end results more than make up for it!!!

Pictures and a tutorial below on how to go from Ulzzang to Gyaru!!!

Friday, September 9

Monday, September 5

updates and random pic spam

I got scheduled for an interview for one of the jobs I applied for! I am so excited and nervous! I really hope I get it! It would definitely be a dream come true! Pls. pray for me!

There's a real backlog of makeup posts, swatches and reviews I need to accomplish..I'm so sorry guys that will have to wait since I need to prepare for my interview.

Since I'm busy but I care about keeping you from boredom..here's some random pic spam of me and some gyaru girls lol!

This pic was taken the night before otaku fest

 aaah big sheet! we meet again! lol!
More below=

Sunday, September 4

Otaku fest 2011, meeting Akane and photoshoot near misshap :)

(Pic of me canwhoring enroute to megamall)

Tiring but fun day! I finally got to meet gyaru barbie Akane this afternoon. So embarassed 'coz I was late! Shams followed soon after, Reggie was supposed to come and shoot her for my sis' "Isla" accessories business but something came up. As usual expect heavy camwhoring on this post! ;)

Friday, September 2

Exciting news! Let's meet up!!!

It turns out I won the Nuffnang blog day contest !!!

I will be featured as blogger of the month and guest on The wakeup show with Vince and Tracey on Mellow 94.7 (I don't know the date yet will update you guys on this). I love Nuffnang!!!(please give me a job too lol!)
Visit: Cookie-Bits.Net
I am sooo happy!!!

Blogging has been such a positive and enriching experience for me. I would just like to take the time to thank all of you! This wouldn't have been possible without your support!

Thursday, September 1

Simple twist braid video tutorial

Pretty boring day, didn't really go out or do much 'cept read a book and check my applications. Decided to do this simple twist braid tutorial on video for you guys. It's really pretty easy to do and doesn't require too much time.

When you're done with the braids you can also opt to twist these two parts together into a low bun or a side bun if you prefer it that way. Enjoy!

Video below!