Wednesday, August 31

Mode Gyaru look

For those who have corporate jobs but still interested in japanese fashion...You can opt for the more mature/highfashion Mode gyaru look.

Make-up tutorial from Happienuts Sept 2011 issue :) click on the pics to expand the size

Dramatic eyes and neutral-bold colored lips dominate this season for japanese mode look.

Monday, August 29

Nuffnang Celebrates Blog Day!

For more info about it go here 
My picks below

Saturday, August 27

blah blah blah

Boring day...didn't go out much or do anything because it was raining hard all day. Soo lazy! tried to eat healthy by having (little store-on-the-hill)fresh lumpia for brunch with peanut mochi balls..peanut is healthy right? LOL! but then I ended up eating lots of pizza and drinking tons of soda later in the night.

Asha looking sadly at the empty boxes thinking ..**Bitch ate all the pizza and left none for meeee!!!!

Thursday, August 25

Personal updates...Mean girls

Been quite busy pursuing my dream lately....the whole jobhunt process is so tedious and sometimes a bit disheartening! but no! I will not give up!!! aja aja fighting!!!

Guess who just took a bathe!?!

Check the pic below!

Wednesday, August 24

Easy high bun video tutorial and hairstyle pics

Hi guys! I finally uploaded a tutorial I shot weeks ago(before I had my root touch-up) so you can see my dark roots in all their full glory!

My friend Cheska who's a med student needed cute updo ideas and I think this would be suited for her since its fast and easy to do. I've also added pictures of more hairstyle ideas below! enjoy!

Tuesday, August 23

Gyaru and Ulzzang makeup

 It's not a competition really...more of a personal preference. 

I'm not an expert on Gyaru or Ulzzang style. It's just that people have been asking me about it so here is my personal observation.

What they have in common-
Perfect looking skin
Straight eyebrows with no high arches (Ulzzang makeup has darker and thicker shapes though)
Aegyo-sal (tearbag makeup) popularized in Korea and it caught up with Gyaru makeup
Circle lenses
V-line makeup 

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Sunday, August 21

How to look younger

Me with chola eyebrows and black hair LOL

Just goes to show that haircolor/hairstyle and proper eyebrow care really makes a huge difference!!!

Friday, August 19

purple lashes pink eyeshadow - girly asian look

My look for friday night- I wanted something fun and girly. What really set  this apart from my regular make-up routine is the purple and black lashes(from landmark less than 50php).

Again I must warn you this is camwhore pic heavy go to the next page if you're up for it!

Tuesday, August 16

Me with no makeup, hipster look, prostitute red and pink lipstick

 I'm not talking about these photos lol!!! (top photo I'm wearing circle lenses, bottom- pink lipstick)  I took these the other day.

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Sunday, August 14

gyaru style photoshoot

Had a fun but tiring day posing for pictures since I obviously need a new blog header. The shoot was supposed to be around 2pm but I woke up late and doing my hair took so long so we ended up starting at around 4pm(yikes!). I didn't get to put on lower lashes anymore..oh well!!!


Saturday, August 13

circle lens care (basics and advanced)

For every gyaru/gal/ulzzang wannabe- circle lenses are very important. Even if you're not into asian style or fashion- circle lenses can give your look the extra boost that it needs.

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Thursday, August 11

I was an ugly duckling

 No, I am not talking about that pretty kid in the yellow dress.(Me when I was 3 years old)

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The One Lovely Blog Award

I've been nominated! Thanks to the beautiful Ellie for choosing me!You're the best!

Rules: Link back to the person that gave the award. Write seven random facts about yourself. Nominate 15 lovely bloggers :)

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Thanks nuffnang! :)

As some of you already know, I won two tickets for yesterday's nuffnang screening of Cowboys vs. Aliens. I had no idea what to expect(well actually....... I kinda knew it was gonna be fun) and I wasn't disappointed.

Warning ...more crappy cellphone pics up ahead!!!

Tuesday, August 9

gyaru fashion post

Hi guys! I now have my own domain name!!! thanks to my lovely sister who is very supportive of my passions. You might notice that it links you back to blogspot(don't fret that is normal!!!) I am hosting my own web address but the blog engine that I use is still blogger( I'm not really good at explaining the whole deal..sorry! lol!)

Don't forget to click join this site or follow via RSS or email to get updates on my newest posts!!!

I'll be attending the nuffnang movie screening of cowboys and aliens later with Keisha at 6pm( sooo excited! don't forget to check out her blog too!) so I'll probably be too tired(or lazy to blog later)

To tide you over=

Monday, August 8

love you like a pop song

I usually prefer alternative/rock but I can never completely shun pop music and be like those snobs who say they only listen to those obscure rock bands but secretly have an old stash of Britney Spears/ N'sync records they'll never fess up to(as if!)

Anyhoo...anytime I get into a funk I usually check out youtube for new songs or my pop playlists for some really cheery bubblegum pop music to chase the blues away!

Songs I am loving right now=

Love you like a love song by Selena Gomez- This is currently my top super favorite song and video! The tune is so catchy and she looks amazing here! hair/makeup/clothes ...muuy perfecto!!! go to the next page for more pop goodness!!!

who wants to watch cowboys and aliens with me at the nuffnang screening!?!

I have an extra ticket for it this Wednesday, August 10 at Gateway Cinema 3 at 7:30pm but we have to be there by 6pm... any takers? It would be really fun to hang with any of you!

Sunday, August 7

Desert Queen Video Tutorial! :)

Hurrah! My first ever video tutorial! :) My own take on the desert head scarf  trend. I edited my photo to give myself some color!(I'm too pale!)

Out with the old..In with the new? (hopefully hehehe)

I threw out old makeup I haven't used for ages(and probably never will lol). Old brushes, lipgloss, eyeshadows, foundation etc. One lipstick had yucky sorta mold/fungus growing on it! eeew! (I forgot all about it 'coz I placed it at the bottom of my book cabinet)

Saturday, August 6

Friday, August 5

How to pull off that mode scarf/fashion look

This is me pretending to look highfashion ;)

Camwhore photos up ahead! do not enter if my face annoys you!  

Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since Makeup was Invented

Not everybody looks hot without makeup. Makeup was invented to express an individual's personal style, skin type and to enhance the features.

In the same way...Nuffnang enhances a blogger's experience in the web community.  It enables us to connect more meaningfully with like-minded individuals,  gives the right tools to express ourselves better and grow in an interactive supportive community.

Pizza Hut now offers Hot on the Dot Pizza deliveries: 30 minutes AND hot (as indicated by the thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza) or your pizza is FREE!

dial 911-11-11 if you want your pizzas Hot on the Dot!


Thursday, August 4

Hairstyle tutorials time!

I wish my hair was extra long! it takes so much patience to grow them. It's hard to find extensions that match my haircolor and I find the thought of having to put then on everyday tiring!(not to mention uncomfortable considering the weather here).

Click on the pictures for larger size.

Chorizo bilbao rice- uhealthy but good cooking

Yesterday I was too lazy to go out to eat so I just used whatever was in my fridge/pantry to make some dinner. It actually turned out better than I expected!(hahaha!) Tasted like paella on a budget! LOL

Wednesday, August 3

DIY fur hat and fur booties tutorial

I know I live in a tropical country but sometimes I can't help but envy the fall/winter trends from japan. It's not really practical to buy stuff you don't always get to wear(typhoon/rainy season only lol!)

Now you can swagger like Jagger/Joplin and rock the fur accessories triend without breaking the bank! :)

With a few supplies from the fabric store, some needle and thread- you can rock the furry hat/boots look that are so hip during fall/winter season!

Tuesday, August 2

Cute gyaru stuff for less! and piggy me :)

 One of my favorite hair/accessories stores which can be found in most malls in the philippines is Girlshoppe. They sell super cute stuff that doesn't break the bank from headbands, clips, hats to nail decals etc. My super favorite buy from them is this cute flower clamp- it makes my hair super pretty in a flash when I get lazy too style it. It cost me only 150php!