Sunday, July 31

Tsubasa pics and video

Another post about my favorite gyaru model tsubasa masuwaka :)

the hobbit movie! Peter Jackson updates :)

I am such a huge fan of lord tolkien! I've read most of his books already-the hobbit being one of them and I can't wait for the bigscreen adaptation of this!

Saturday, July 30

Thursday, July 28

kawaii costume makeup!

Here are some unique and cute make-up costume ideas!

cute hairstyle picture tutorials

click on the pics for bigger size

I love her hair!

I wish I was a natural blonde so I can get rainbow colored tips like these!

the one you had to let go

In life and love- sometimes you have to go through so many wrongs to get it right(a lot of Mr. wrongs to get to Mr. right) If you're lucky and got a really good one from the start then you best make sure not to take him for granted.

There is always that one guy though- no matter how sleazy, how wrong he treated you, or how much he lied and cheated-you can't seem to shake off. It's like your heart has a certain loophole that lets him in instantly the moment he wants you back.

Wednesday, July 27

hey nana, I've missed you

I am so in love with Nana. It's a famous japanese manga/anime and movie. I've read and watched all of them and it never fails to break my heart and make me love the story so much. For those of you who aren't familiar with the story you can watch the trailer for the live action movie here. Youtube also hosts english subbed versions of the full movie split into diff parts(just search for it there! they have nana 1 and nana 2!)

rain rain go away!

I hate storms! It's been raining so hard since yesterday that there has been flooding on some areas of the city and country. The news is too depressing to watch and there's very little to do today but get bored and depressed. Sigh....

Tuesday, July 26

last friday night!

Sham's bf took this but I was so wasted I don't remember this part!

Katy Perry - Last Friday Night

'Last Friday night
Yeah we danced on tabletops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot"- KATY PERRY

This song perfectly describes my crazy friday puke-it-all-out drinking binge(note to all my readers: Alcohol is bad! It can make you do crazy things and forget all about them the next morning...imbibe with caution!)

my fave ulzzang makeup look- snow white

details and tutorial on next page

another ulzzang pony make-up tutorial - dreamlike

Etude house loot and 2 bargain buys

Internet is back! woohoo! sorry for this super delayed post guys. I'm now gonna start raving about this Korean cosmetics brand Etude house! What I love about them is that aside from the good quality cosmetics offered, they come in super kawaii packaging and the store is so pretty you want to stick around there forever!(okay maybe not forever but for a very long time trying out everything!) They have testers for all the products even the skincare ones! (very impt!!!) The prices are pretty cheap/affordable compared to other cosmetics brand but they are of very good quality I must say (definitely worth every penny!)

Anyway, here are the stuff i got there- precious minerals bb cream all day strong in super glowing skin, underlashes (no.11), line nuance duo(gold shadow-white liner), marble marble shimmer in rose marble peach they even gave me a freebie- their baking soda facial wash!(yipee!!!)

Monday, July 25

back :)

sorry guys I didn't have internet connection 'till today :) stay tuned for more posts!

Thursday, July 21

Party this friday night!!!

*I do not own the rights to this picture

I can't wait to eat and party!!!!

face contouring tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through the basics of highlighting and contouring the face to add that extra oomph to your makeup look!

I posted a basic picture tutorial by the beautiful ulzzang pony :) Aside from the japanese gyaru look I also really dig the more natural toned down ulzzang look of the koreans.

Tiring day! will post about Etude house make-up later or tomorrow :)

Tuesday, July 19

Grecian/flapper up 'do and no-heat vintage curls!!!

I came across this awesome tutorial and tried it lastnight. I actually liked it when it was tied up around the elastic headband more. It looked like I had an a shorter wavy hairstyle (no haircut necessary!) anyway here are some pictures I took. I think this hairstyle is easier to do on shorter hair but its not so bad with long hair either(just needs a lot of patience!

For a step by step guide on how to get this hairstyle check out the video at the bottom of the page! :)

*note= styles/outcome vary depending on hair type/length and cut

Monday, July 18

Saizen haul!

I love Saizen! For those of you not familiar with this japanese discount store- its just like daiso but they have more items(all for 85php)  They sell a wide range of stuff from super cute stationeries, houseware, socks, pet supplies to cosmetics You might want to check it out yourself! Now take note since it is a discount store, not all items are of equal quality so you really have to take the time to review each product before making a purchase.

Bi (Rain) I miss you!

I've always had this fantasy that I'd meet him by accident and he'd fall for someone like me(impossible i know! but still LOL) I'm currently watching fullhouse because I miss him. He doesn't seem to have any new projects coming up. I hope he does a movie soon! Ninja Assasin was kickass! He should do a comedy or romantic film next time :)

you can watch full episodes here (fullhouse, korean/jap series etc)

Sunday, July 17

random discovery

My fave scene from zoolander! check out the blonde guy...its Alexander Skaarsgard aka Eric Norton from true blood! LOL

Saturday, July 16

Friday- Harry Potter day

Friday was such an eventful day for me. I got to meet up with my friend April whom I haven't seen for ages!. We just hung out at a coffeeshop in Glorietta. I really wanted to check out the shops there but I ran out of time since me and Apes had a lot to catch up on(which I didn't mind at all). Since it was payday for most people, April treated me for milktea!!!(Hurrah!) I am really so happy I finally got to see my former partner in lipgloss crime LOL! She's honestly the nicest and most caring friend anyone can ever have and we've been through alot together.

Thursday, July 14

super excited !!! I can barely sleep

Outdoor Scene

tsubasa's music video

She is my super favorite gal model and she looks super cute in this video. The song is cute but its not as catchy as some other Jpop songs. I'm really more into rock/alternative music but I sometimes have my moments when i like a super pop song because it's so catchy or I like the look of the video :)

Wednesday, July 13

Spend vs. save powder foundation

Not everyone is blessed with porcelain perfect skin(and if you are one then I am definitely super jealous!). Flawless or not we all need a little help sometimes and that's when a good foundation comes into the picture.

I'm too lazy to use liquid foundation, I have oily skin and I live in a tropical country where the heat easily melts all the gunk off your face in minutes if you're out and about.

Enter one of man's greatest inventions in deceiving people that your skin is flawless as those celebrities on TV= powder foundation.

These two products I've used have very good coverage and doesn't feel heavy nor give me breakouts. Just make sure you clean the sponge regularly so bacteria doesn't build up and cause those pesky bumps on your face!

Introduction to Gyaru

Gyaru style is from Japan and is made up of several very distinct styles-(from the cutesy himegyaru, sexy ageha look, edgy mode gyaru to the wild ganguro style etc etc i won't go into specific details) You can read about its history here. Although not very common in the Philippines, it is gaining more popularity in other parts of Asia and some parts of the world.

On this intro- I chose to feature the more wearable casual/sweet styles suitable for my age and where I live.

 The basic components of this super kawaii look are=
    -a curly, braided/styled hair that looks cute and girly(hair accessories and bangs are a plus!), straight hair can also work provided that it is pin straight with bangs/layers/highlights.
    -circle lenses ( to achieve that dolly big-eye look)
   -liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes pref with lower eyelashes (for the false eyelashes I normally prefer Japanese brands since they are made with a longer width and are styled differently which is more suited for Gyaru makeup but you can also use local brands ;)  )
   - accessories and a fashionable/cute outfit
   - fussy nail art/deco nails

To give you a better sense of what it looks like here are some pics of my fave models sporting the look! enjoy! (ps. click on the pics for the larger version) I am not really an expert on this type of fashion myself since I still need to learn alot, I just want to share what I know of so far.

the queen of the heap...tsubasa masuwaka!!!!

Tuesday, July 12

I'm back!!!

I am so sorry for being away for so long. I got very busy and distracted and I lost my will to blog (LOL!).  Anyhoo!  I'm here to stay and I've got new and exciting changes up for you guys (besides the new layout!)

For those new to this blog, I used to post as "beautyeditorwannabe" back in the days when all I was obsessed about was make-up and beauty stuff(not that I stopped obsessing about them now)...but aside from writing about make-up and beauty stuff that are cheap/worth every penny, I am also going to start blogging about fashion and japanese gal/gyaru style since I am pretty much hooked on it right now. Trust me...its fab! and very flattering to most girls. I will also post some random unrelated stuff now and then if I feel like its interesting enough for you guys to read.