Wednesday, December 28

Love Mail from Jelly Anna!!! Weee!!!

For those who are not aware of the Gyaru fabulousness that is Jelly Anna, She is one of the prettiest and nicest Gyaru bloggers I know who lives in Canada. Her package finally arrived!!! She liked my Mode scarf look and decided to send me a surprise gift since she already chose a winner for her hair/style contest months ago.

I was sooo happy when I came home and got this from the mail. My super favorite thing from what she sent me was her handwritten note!!! I will treasure it forever!

Lovely lashes 

Decoden she made by herself!!! Wow wow wow!!! They're sooo pretty I am afraid to use them 'coz I don't want to break/lose them

Yummy chocolate

I ate it immediately after opening lol! Yum!!!

Heating bath salts! I've always wanted to try one of these!

Hair product samples :) I think these would work really well for my much abused hair.

Thank you Anna!!!! These definitely made my day

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