Saturday, December 31

Daddy-O Shampoo by Lush review

 Finally! A beauty related post! Here's my take on Daddy-O Purple shampoo from Lush.

For those with blonde/ash hair color- we know how hard it is to keep brassiness at bay. If you live in the Philippines, it is even harder since purple shampoos are hard to come by.

Daddy-O Shampoo

Neutralizes slight brassiness

Very drying! (even after using conditioner)
Contains SLS(Sodium Laurel Suldate- not good for colored hair, makes your scalp dry and itchy)
Expensive- around 745php per bottle

Overall take:

If there's a better purple shampoo here in the Philippines, I would definitely switch. I don't use this everyday fyi. The smell is a love it or hate it thing since it tends to be too cloying for me.

Disregard my dry chapped's my hair after using Daddy-O shampoo and with blow-drying(that is why it looks shiny but it feels dry as hell).

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