Thursday, November 3


 Shangri-la's christmas display reminded me of Katy Perry's "California Girls" video

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 My hair looks so awesome here!!! My face not so much! =p

 Just liner and a bit of eyeshadow. My skin needed a rest after halloween festivities.


I sooo wanted to pet and hug this police dog.

 Animal print shoes from SoFab!!! Love it!

The beef stew was awesome. We also ate at Bonchon Chicken for lunch but I forgot to take a pic. Bonchon is still my fave fastfood for now hehehe!

I love these! (Tatat you were right! the lashglue is waaay better than the expensive ones I've tried!!!)

 SoFab and pretty!!!

I bought this because my Coco girl has one like it. Plus it shows off the shape of my legs and skinny frame :)

That's all folks!!! xx