Wednesday, November 2

Laneige Makeup Workshop for bloggers

Frustrated about how much makeup you need to put on to look good? 

Does going bare and au natural scare you (or others???)

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are not alone!
I have the perfect solution to your beauty woes!!!

Yes we all love makeup and its ability to transform us from plain janes to Glamazons. With our current fast-paced is common for us to neglect our diet and skincare.

What we don't realize is that with proper diet and skincare..we don't need to layer on too much foundation and concealer to hide our flaws. Instead we use makeup only to enhance our already beautiful, luminous skin and features. Saves us alot of time and trouble right?

Mr. Park with his interpreter, Assistant brand manager Katherine Baylon and Me!

"LANEIGE, a premium brand which revolves around 'crystal clear radiant beauty' via the science of water, is amongst Korea's most established and leading brands. Laneige carries many of Korea's best skin care products that are constantly featured by beauty magazines and experts. Its official ambassadors include Song Hye Kyo & Jeon Ji Hyun. Laneige is the AMOREPACIFIC group's star brand. Since the group's founding in 1945, we have risen to a position of leadership in Korea’s cosmetic industry by always providing the very best in beauty products and services. With that strong domestic base we are now actively expanding our business into Asia, Europe, and the United States. AMOREPACIFIC is committed to becoming a world class beauty and health company"- Laneige Philippines

 Mr Park Showing us the proper way to do base makeup...start off by making sure skin is properly moisturized!!! Laneige offers a wide range of products from gel to cream catering to the differing needs of women who want quality skincare that works. I for one looooove everything I've tried from Laneige so far! nothing broke me out or gave me problems at all. The Water Sleeping Pack is amazing, so is the Moisture Renew Essence and Water Bank. You can be assured that the products you paid for is worth every penny.

Aside from proper moisturization, massaging the face also aids in better product absorption and blood circulation making your skin healthier and glowing.

 Oh and the most important step! Protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Since we live in a tropical country, it is often bothersome to layer on products and apply sunblock since it tends to feel hot or greasy on our face. You must do it regularly though to prevent premature skin aging. I for one am a testament to sunblock's anti-aging powers. Most people say I look younger than my actual age. Laneige White plus Renew Daily Protection Cream and Eye protector offers sun protection, whitens and moisturizes.

 The Korean Ulzzang look focuses on natural looking beauty. Hence it is a must to have a rigorous skincare routine to have that flawless luminous skin. For problem areas, bb cream works wonders! Laneige Snow BB cream and BB essence balm help keep skin moisturized and supple while protecting you against the harmful rays of the sun.

 For those needing more coverage, Laneige Luminous Glow foundation range and Snow crystal Foundation offers coverage that looks natural and not flat. I for one have my eye on the Snow Crystal Foundation, it comes with a concealer in one package!!! What a steal!!!

Do we look Korean now??? LOL!

After applying the base(moisturizer, sunblock, bb cream/foundation) lightly set the face with loose powder. Translucent powder works best if you don't need the extra coverage. Then apply blush, shimmery higlighter, pink or peach lipstick, lipgloss.

 Fill in the brows using a slanted brush and eyebrow powder. Define the eyes lightly using an eyeliner.

The korean ulzzang look focuses on highlighting what is already there as opposed to changing the shape/contour of one's face. Left side of the model's face only has base makeup applied, the right side had eyebrows filled-in, eyeliner and cheek blush.

Me trying out their make-up. I loooove their eyeshadows! so smooth and pigmented. Their eyeshadow shades are mostly on the neutral side. Hard to go wrong with any of the colors available.

If you're looking to cut your prep time in healthy and invest in good quality skincare and makeup that nourishes and cares for the skin. Laneige might be pricier than most brands out there but you can be assured that they work and have the best ingredients to nourish and care for your skin like no other.

***Disclosure- I was not paid by this brand to promote their products.

Stay pretty!!! xx