Nov 23, 2011

Ida's Epic Birthday Party

Finally a real post! Been too tired recently. I have a shitload of photos I need to resize and post.

Anyhoo! Last Saturday was my friend Ida's birthday bash at Establishment(fort). I promised to do her make-up and I am very happy with the end results. :)

 Before shot


Sexy pose

Now onto some pics at the club. Everyone had such a blast! Met a lot of cool people...there was a pole dancer and 2 ledge dancers WTF!?! lol. I  didn't really get to take many photos later on since I was so wasted already I blacked out and woke up with dried vomit all over my stuff(Kids don't try this at home!)

Me with happy sis Tanzie(I super miss this girl!!!)


Don't forget to join :)

That's all peeps!!! xx


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