Thursday, October 27

Yakiniku Senri

Had dinner at Yakiniku Senri for my birthday. I actually wanted a buffet thing again(not Yakimix) but my guy insisted we eat there since he wanted me to try their heavenly grilled beef.

***Warning! Camwhore heavy post!!! Do not proceed if you want a restaurant review only! 

I was very happy that we ate there instead! The beef and sushi were heavenly!!! Yakiniku Senri is a Japanese/Korean fusion restaurant specializing in grilled meat.
You can cook your meat just the way you like it, I personally prefer mine medium-rare to nearly well-done

Nigirisushi selection! My favorite was the Uni <3 (I played around with my camera filter for those wondering why this pic looks different)

I loved the karubi beef. It tasted sooo good even without the sauce! For those who prefer lean meat, go for the Rosu instead. They also have a wide selection of Ramen, Salad and Kimchi.

Sake and sushi bar for those who prefer to drink and eat.
 Senri has private booths where you can eat your meal in peace.

Wall showcasing their lunch set meal for around 250-350php. We ate there during dinner time so we weren't able to avail this.

I look so pale here Ugh!!! (yes my hair is a lighter ash blonde now)

 Outfit shot

 Camwhore shot

 Eyemakeup- I was in a rush so my eyeliner is so obviously imperfect in this picture. I used my glamlabel lashes for the lower one and the Daiso one for the upper.

They're starting to put up christmas decor/lights along Ayala

Address:  (We ate at the Makati branch)

Yakiniku Senri
Address: , 1030 A. Arnaiz Ave., 
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone No: (632) 844-9618, 889-9733 

Yakiniku Senri
Address: 2F, 1754 Adriatico St., 
Manila City, Metro Manila, Philippines
1030 Pasay Road
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

That's All!!!