Sunday, October 30

My Awesome Memories! Meiday Halloween 2011

Hey guys! I'm sure all of you get bored sometimes with the usual way of sharing photos. At this digital age. Gone are the days when we would pay so much in getting our films developed and then painstakingly arrange them one by one in a photo album.

Unfortunately...photoshop can seem daunting and complicated when all you want to do is make a cool template where you can arrange your photos in the most creative and fun manner. Lucky for us there's the My Memories Suite that makes digital scrapbooking fun and very easy to do!!!

 I was quite hesitant to try this out first because I'm not really that good at getting crafty and creative. I felt the need to change up the way I store and share photos though so I decided to give My Memories digital scrapbooking software a shot.

I am so glad I did!!! Not only does it make things easier for me..there are numerous designs to choose from! Not satisfied with the design templates that came with the software? No worries! There are plenty of awesome additional design templates and elements to choose from their website!!!

What makes this software so great though is that it is not only limited to creating scrapbooks/photo albums you can store or have printed. You can also create greeting cards, calendars, music videos,slideshows etc...

Check out this sample video I made :) 

There are numerous sharing options you can choose from! Whether you want your photos stored in jpeg format, printed as a photo album/a book,  a movie file, an interactive disk or even sync to your ipod! How cool is that!?!

You wanna know what's even cooler? You no longer have to read on an on about me raving about this software and showing you my amateur attempt at getting crafty  I'm sure you can do better!!!... Me and the guys from are giving one away for free!!! Stay tuned for my upcoming belated birthday giveaway. One lucky reader will get the My Memories Suite(valued at 39.97USD), fabulous circle lenses and more!!!

For those itching to get this already, you can go to the My Memories website, purchase and download the app with this promo code : STMMMS53890 :)

Hugs and kisses!!! xx