Sunday, October 9

And how was your weekend?

Went malling at Greenbelt 5 then ate dinner at Minsok Restaurant. Minsok is one of the best restos that serve authentic korean home-style dishes in my opinion but don't take my word for it...ask your korean friends about it! It's a really small quaint place yet it gets packed around lunch and dinner times by mostly korean folk and some filipinos who managed to discover the place. I'm sorry I'm quite bad with directions but it is hidden somewhere near Burgos, Makati City.

Ok enough talking! :)


Minsok Resto Entrance. It's not a fancy place but the food is awesome!

Endless supply of appetizers! (I didn't get to take a pic of them all sorry!)


After! Hahaha!

Eye makeup :) I finally got around to using the lower lashes from glamlabel. I have mixed feelings about them. I dunno...I sorta prefer no lower lashes on. Will post a more in depth review of them when I get my new camera soon! (This pic was taken when I got home so I already took off my lenses before I realized I wanted to take more pics)

Wishful thinking =p

Zagu has Matcha green tea flavor now if you're on a budget. It's a love it or hate it thing I my case I have mixed feelings about it.

That's all for now!!! xx