Tuesday, September 20

The Wakeup Show with Vince and Tracy

 More pictures below!!!

 This is the first time in months that I woke up so early. I usually wake up around 1pm-4pm(shameful I know!) I expected heavy traffic but there was none so I arrived at the station super early- waay before 8am.

Tracy and Vince working their magic on the airwaves. I never get to hear morning radio shows obviously but these guys were real pros. I loved their chemistry and easy breezy banter on air.

Tracy with her winning smile.

I was pretty nervous during the interview but I also had a lot of fun, Thank you guys for making me feel welcome and at ease at the station! :)  For those who didn't get to listen to the wake up show don't worry- the interview basically revolved around my blog, my influences etc. and me trying so hard not to flub or say something stupid! lol!


 My look for the day, I really wanted to represent Gyaru fashion and look more dollish this time(as opposed to my recent Mode exploits)

Shoes from my fabulous happy sister Tanzie of Solesister Philippines! (Sandra in pink) :) Will do a separate post about them soon!!!

Search terms- "pinkoolaid blog, pinkkoolaid- giaru fashion, makeup with the name angel " aww I'm so touched that some people really made an effort to get to my blog today.
 Thank you so much Nuffnang Philippines for this opportunity and for letting me be your blogger of the month. You guys rock!!!

For those who are willing to lend a hand, Pls. take the time to read this. Marcelle from Nuffnang is organizing this event.

My "dream job" interview is set for tomorrow, Wish me luck! :)

 That's all folks!!! xx