Tuesday, September 6

updates and random pic spam

I got scheduled for an interview for one of the jobs I applied for! I am so excited and nervous! I really hope I get it! It would definitely be a dream come true! Pls. pray for me!

There's a real backlog of makeup posts, swatches and reviews I need to accomplish..I'm so sorry guys that will have to wait since I need to prepare for my interview.

Since I'm busy but I care about keeping you from boredom..here's some random pic spam of me and some gyaru girls lol!

This pic was taken the night before otaku fest

 aaah big sheet! we meet again! lol!
More below=

cheap steak at everything-at-steak

Holy macaroni!

Ipad photos fun!!!

 This was taken at timezone...my bf was cranky so I did it by myself!

That's all folks!!! xx