Saturday, September 17

Shimmery dramatic Gyaru eye makeup tutorial

This is my first attempt at a picture tutorial so go easy on me ok :) The shots of my makeup below were done in Macro setting with flash. My skin looked really gross so I edited the shit out of the photos! Sorry!

 To be honest I don't look like this everyday! Trust me this is all makeup, good camera, angling, lighting etc. check my previous posts to see how I look without makeup on! here and here. I am making life so easy for trolls aren't I? LOL!!!

Tutorial below!!!


 First start off by applying bb cream all over your face, conceal flaws, set with powder, contour and highlight the face, fix your eyebrows and then we can begin with the eyemakeup!!!. The most important part of this Mode-ish eye makeup is that it is dark, dramatic and uses alot of contouring at the eye socket to give off an illusion of deep-set eyes.

**don't forget to use eye primer to make eyeshadow colors pop and stay vibrant :)

Using shade marked no 1 (use any brand of eyeshadow with the same color, this is a daiso one), apply eyeshadow on your entire eyelid up to the crease.

 Using shade marked no 2, trace the hollow of your eye socket. If you have monolids, try to draw one like this shape, don't forget to blend afterwards with a fluffy brush to avoid creating a harsh line. It should be a bit darker than this picture(the perils of using flash!)

Use the same dark brown shade and line the upper outer corners of you eyes with it and connect it with the top contour so it forms a < shade at the side of your eyes (blend!!! sorry it doesn't show much on the pic because of the flash)

 Use shade no 3 all over the eyelids up to the crease

 Line your eyes with black kohl eyeliner (Mac Smolder)

 Using the darkest brown shimmery shade(No 2.), apply eyeshadow on the lower outer corners of the eyes

 Line afterwards with liquid liner(H&M liner) to make false eyelash application easier go past the normal eye width. Apply light gold/yellow shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes to make it appear wide set.

Apply false eyelashes and you're done! (lower lashes too if you have them, the ones I ordered hasn't arrived yet so this will do for now) Don't forget the nude lipstick and lipgloss ok! lol ;)

***Eyeshadow colors look more vibrant and darker in real life, the flash made it look lighter. The falsies are pretty long and thick too, just didn't translate well on cam! Oh well keribels!!! I used Geo super nudy pink lenses btw.

End result!!!

"Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else's life forever" Margaret Cho

Stay pretty!!! xx