Friday, September 23

meitixiuxiu fun

I love this app!!! been messing around with it since lastnight. It's in chinese but it's pretty easy to navigate even if you don't understand the language :) It's a photo editing app for girls who want to look more kawaii. You can change to diff tones, smooth out the skin, apply false eyelashes, lipstick , blush on etc!!!

 Freaky eyes!!!

 More pics and gifs below!!!

 My dream haircolor- Lilac!!! :)  when will you be mine!?!

 Today has been very eventful and almost unlucky for me- I almost did not make it in time for my interview. I got locked out of my place!!!. It's a good thing the locksmith came so fast and I was already dressed and ready at that time. When I finally got in and got my stuff, there were no cabs available for the longest time! I was sweatin' like crazy and I really thought I wasn't going to make it but I prayed really hard and persisted. I was walking along Shaw blvd. in full makeup with my curly hair do getting messed up. I finally got a cab and the driver was really nice and used a shortcut so we weren't stuck in traffic at all.

 My interview went well (I think!) I had fun talking about things I'm really passionate about. I'm still pretty worried though since there's this other girl they're considering for the position also. I really really want this job soooo badly!!! Turns out there's still another interview next week! God help me!!! I am so scared about getting this close to living my dream and losing it to someone else.

Anyhoo, I will do my best yeah!?! God you do the rest!~!!!

That's all for now!!!
Have a great weekend everyone! xx