Thursday, August 11

Thanks nuffnang! :)

As some of you already know, I won two tickets for yesterday's nuffnang screening of Cowboys vs. Aliens. I had no idea what to expect(well actually....... I kinda knew it was gonna be fun) and I wasn't disappointed.

Warning ...more crappy cellphone pics up ahead!!!

I got to hang with fellow blogger Keisha and some other people from nuffnang. Had loads of free food and pizza courtesy of Pizzahut. Watched Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford do what they do best. The movie was really enjoyable although kinda silly if you think about it....aliens in the wild west(Wayne and Mcqueen must be turning in their graves right now lol!). I had a lot of fun and we capped it off by having a drink at burrough where fangirl moment struck when we saw Aga Muhlach! I had my picture taken with him before he left(it was a going away party of sorts for him I think). All in all I had loads of fun :)

 My fat hands!!!

 Before the screening

 I'm sooo tiny! LOL! (thanks watson's lady for curling the sides of my hair!) I was rushing so I didn't have much time to do my hair or put on falsies!

 Bloggers unite!!!

Got to see my partner in crime Victor(in medschool) outside the event!

 I thought there was a real demonstration or something lol!

 Pizzahut boys dancing (blurry shot)

After the movie... outfit shot

At Burrough. Don't forget to add her blog to your reading list! (I did!) :)

Aga Muhlach and Bugs bunny!!! (I remember meeting him before when I was 17, I was with a group of people and they were daring him to guess my age so he came up to me and looked at my hands..aaah kilig moment! then he guessed my age!!! Huwaw!!!!)

 Home at last!!! camwhore for the last time!

 Tired but happy :)

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Thats all folks!!! xx