Sunday, August 7

Out with the old..In with the new? (hopefully hehehe)

I threw out old makeup I haven't used for ages(and probably never will lol). Old brushes, lipgloss, eyeshadows, foundation etc. One lipstick had yucky sorta mold/fungus growing on it! eeew! (I forgot all about it 'coz I placed it at the bottom of my book cabinet)

I found some of my seldom used MAC lipsticks! yey! and other stuff like my 2 glitter liners, unused false eyelashes, illuminizer/shimmer and makeup forever concealer! Will do a post about them soon. I really need to find a part time job or something to support my makeup addiction. I hate being broke all the time!

I'll leave you with two of my fave kpop songs right now by 2ne1 and After School Red (new subgroup- they're divided in two groups now: blue and red) Go team red! they're hotter! I love Nana, Kahi, Jung Ah and Uee!!!

I super love everything about this video, the song  and the lyrics...probably because I can relate to it a bit right now. The boys in the video looks so wimpy! LOL

*Oh btw top photo of me was taken a bajillion years ago when i still had a perm LOL! I was an extra for a music video (split-second cameo appearance! the money went to my cat hehe )

Cheers! xx

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