Thursday, August 11

The One Lovely Blog Award

I've been nominated! Thanks to the beautiful Ellie for choosing me!You're the best!

Rules: Link back to the person that gave the award. Write seven random facts about yourself. Nominate 15 lovely bloggers :)

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1.) My nickname back in my hometown is Gigi.

2.) I used to join singing contests and sing during programs and events before ... here's proof! LOL

3.) I have bucktooth so I have to smile at certain angles...everyone has flaws! :)

4.) Had a fire-alarm debacle wayback and was sent to the precinct for questioning. (charges were dropped so my records are clear ok!?!)

5.) I can never go on a diet or eat healthy for long.

6.) I hate exercise.

7.) I have more guyfriends than girlfriends so I'm usually not this girly. I'm trying to change all that now :)

And I would like to give this award to...............drumroll please! these girls are actually part of my sidebar bloglist already hehehe!

Yapo- very sweet, cute and fashionable girl. She's one of my gyaru inspirations. I am forever a fan!

Keisha- She rocks! period.

Tatat- She's so friendly and soooo good with falsies! :)

Justine- She is sooo pretty!(and I bet she's nice too!)

Aika- I've been reading her blog since I was "beautyeditorwannabe"(my old blog) lol

Chai- Her look is very unique and I always enjoy the beautiful photos in her blog.

Miyake- I love her look and she is so nice to reply to comments and such.

Jenny- Even if she is so famous I love that she takes time to answer my comments etc.

Cindy- She's fierce and fabulous and She emailed me back! wowowowow! 

I have been blogging for almost 2 months now. Thank you guys for inspiring me, for being so supportive and for bringing so much positivity, fierceness and fabulosity to the blogging community!

Much love! xx