Tuesday, August 16

Me with no makeup, hipster look, prostitute red and pink lipstick

 I'm not talking about these photos lol!!! (top photo I'm wearing circle lenses, bottom- pink lipstick)  I took these the other day.

 go to the next page to see!!!

 I'm talking about these!!! thank god my bangs are long so you can't see my dark circles too well!!! ( my hair is naturally straight and boring!)

 I could probably guess the expression on some of yer faces!!!!  (but...but!!! ***scrolls up and checks the header!!!***)

Looking dolly/glammed up takes work. In my case- makeup and hairstyling. Did I mention how horrible I am at putting on falsies? Well...I feel so weird wearing them with circle lenses on my eyes. I always forget to blink and then my eyes feel so dry and uncomfy lol!

Ok time to wash away the vision of horror from your minds...here's a cute kitty pic for you!!!!

 Were back to regular programming peeps! no fancy photos for you this time (not 'till I get a job or sell my body or something lol!)

 Pretty boring day- just went out for some good burger, surfed the net, chatted with some girlfriends, read a book and plotted the demise of Justin Bieber(hahahaha!)

 I tried to do a hipster look with some prostitute red lipstick(nyx eros). I'm too lazy to do face makeup today so I'm wearing my lazy face eyeglasses(from cubao expo I love you store).

  My arms look so weird/fat here ugh!!!

I actually want to lose more weight but some people say I'm too skinny already but I don't see that at all! I want some abs man!!!! Will try to do the hiphop abs video one more time!(last attempt I lasted for 5 mins!!!)

Check out these new Chinatsu pics!!! OMG I LOVE THOSE FUR BOOTS!!! will try to diy them and walk around in this tropical weather like some lost midget yeti!

"Happy Birthday Madonna. Those horcruxes are working out for you I see"

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That's all folks!!! xx