Tuesday, August 9

love you like a pop song

I usually prefer alternative/rock but I can never completely shun pop music and be like those snobs who say they only listen to those obscure rock bands but secretly have an old stash of Britney Spears/ N'sync records they'll never fess up to(as if!)

Anyhoo...anytime I get into a funk I usually check out youtube for new songs or my pop playlists for some really cheery bubblegum pop music to chase the blues away!

Songs I am loving right now=

Love you like a love song by Selena Gomez- This is currently my top super favorite song and video! The tune is so catchy and she looks amazing here! hair/makeup/clothes ...muuy perfecto!!! go to the next page for more pop goodness!!!

Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson- although not exactly new...this song never fails to cheer me up. What I like about it is the positive message it brings about loving yourself and telling all those hater girls off(Jealous biatches not allowed here!) This blog is basically a celebration of beauty- the inner and outer and I hope to form a supportive group of girls who share the same ideas with me :)

Super Bass by Nicki Minaj- She has pink hair period.

Replay by SHINee- This mellow vibe takes me back to those good old days when boyband songs had the ability to make you go awww...

jpop version: it's still them but with a different look and japanese lyrics

Love Song by Rain- Rain ripping his shirt off and slowdancing shirtless! OHMYGOD!!! 8)

Stay pretty! xx

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