Monday, August 22

How to look younger

Me with chola eyebrows and black hair LOL

Just goes to show that haircolor/hairstyle and proper eyebrow care really makes a huge difference!!!

Tip= Never ever pluck/tweeze eyebrows! (I've learned this the hard way and it took me years of no tweezing to grow back mine). Use a slanted eyebrow shaver if you want to shape or groom your eyebrows instead. The reason I am against tweezing is that we all tend to get a little carried away sometimes and too much plucking can lead to permanent eyebrow hairloss(unsightly especially if you're still in your twenties!!!) Thicker/fuller eyebrows make you look more youthful and less severe. It's super trendy for this upcoming fall season too!!!

*Determine if you haircolor, cut or make-up is making you look older.  It's amazing how a change of hairstyle or make-up can take years off your face!!!

Case in point= Me!!! A darker haircolor, lipstick and eyeshadow can make you look more mature. If one wants to look more youthful...pick lighter and more vibrant shades. (Same goes for wardrobe too!)

Me eons ago with my usual red lipstick

Me a year ago..lighter haircolor and make-up

Current pic! Medium blonde

I am not saying everyone should lighten their hair or go blonde for that matter- It doesn't suit everyone. Always check to make sure that your haircolor isn't too dark and that it doesn't wash you out(a common mistake for most asian girls). As a general rule - make sure to check your skin undertone (warm or cool) to find the best shade for you.

Bangs that suit your face shape can also take years off your face. Make sure you consult with a reputable hairstylist to give your look a more youthful boost!

Oh and the cheapest way to look younger? A positive attitude and a smile! (no kidding!?!)

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