Saturday, August 13

circle lens care (basics and advanced)

For every gyaru/gal/ulzzang wannabe- circle lenses are very important. Even if you're not into asian style or fashion- circle lenses can give your look the extra boost that it needs.

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I'm sure I'm not the only one who hoards different colored ones and end up not using them for a long periods of time until they eventually expire(what a waste huh?). What some of us might not know is that some of those unexpired lenses we don't use for long periods of time might already be a breeding ground for bacteria and eventually lead to an eye infection(eeeeek!!!)

Here are some simples rules in storing and cleaning your lenses to ensure maximum comfort and hygiene!!!

Now I'm sure some of you might think that some of these steps are too extreme. I mean you probably have been quite lazy sometimes with your lens care routine. But let me scare you a little though....eye infections are no joke!!! frequent use of circle lenses tend to scratch/damage the cornea and would you really want it to be exposed to more harmful bacteria!?! Your vision is very important! It's better to be safe than sorry later on right?

1.) Always change the solution and clean lenses after every use. For unused/dormant lenses- change and clean after 30days(even if the lens case wasn't ever opened, if opened then it might be best to clean and change it sooner!) This is very important for those lenses you don't always use(imagine them soaking in a solution that has lost its disinfecting properties and oodles of bacteria multiplying on the lenses eeeyuuck!!!) It is also advisable to replace the lens case after every 6 months to prevent bacterial growth.

2.) This is very basic! wash hands thoroughly before handling the lens and also wash the outer part of the unopened lens case too before handling!!! and place it over a clean tissue paper :)

3.) This is very germ phobic of me but I also wash the outside of the lens solution before anything else to make sure my clean hands won't be contaminated when I handle the lenses etc(hehehe)

4.) For those who have seldom used/often used lenses- it is best to do this once a month/a week also- Use a deep cleaning solution for lenses. I know most lens solution have cleaning properties already. But nothing beats the disinfecting power of these solutions.

5.) Do not scrimp on quality!!! Always buy your solutions, eye drops etc. from a trusted drugstore or optical shop and get the brand which suits your needs.Check the expiration date to make sure it is safe to use(trust me on this even stores like rustan's make mistakes sometimes- I bought an expired face cream from them once!!!).When it comes to lens solution- I for one swear by Optifree Replenish. They make circle lenses extra comfortable(like they're newly opened from the vials!) unlike the other solutions I've tried. They have this patented tear glide formula which makes them different from the rest I guess.

6.) If you are a circle lens hoarder- please take note of the date you opened the lenses from the vials/pack so you know when to throw them out accordingly.

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That's all folks! :)