Thursday, July 28

the one you had to let go

In life and love- sometimes you have to go through so many wrongs to get it right(a lot of Mr. wrongs to get to Mr. right) If you're lucky and got a really good one from the start then you best make sure not to take him for granted.

There is always that one guy though- no matter how sleazy, how wrong he treated you, or how much he lied and cheated-you can't seem to shake off. It's like your heart has a certain loophole that lets him in instantly the moment he wants you back.

It doesn't matter how smart, successful or educated you are- in matters of the heart we all get stupid or blinded sometimes. These thoughts were running through my head when I heard beyonce's newest single "best thing I never had". It reminded me of someone who had hurt me so much I though I'd never find the strength to trust again. I still struggle with my trust issues sometimes- that's how scarred I was by this experience. I thought I was strong and that I was smart enough to stay away from guys like him but apparently I was wrong.

The important thing you have to realize if you are still stuck in that situation right now is that somewhere out there- there is a guy for you. You might think you will never fall as hard as you did for Mr. wrong but when you meet the right guy, you will realize that all the trouble has been worth it. All your tears, pain and suffering happened to make you a stronger and wiser person that this guy will love you so much for.

It doesn't mean that ache in your heart for that jerk will ever completely go away. But it will become less painful and you will know better to act on it everytime you think of him. Trust me- we all go through this. I did and I don't regret it, it taught me to love and respect myself more.

Heres to true love, staying strong and finding the right person worthy of you xx