Wednesday, July 13

Introduction to Gyaru

Gyaru style is from Japan and is made up of several very distinct styles-(from the cutesy himegyaru, sexy ageha look, edgy mode gyaru to the wild ganguro style etc etc i won't go into specific details) You can read about its history here. Although not very common in the Philippines, it is gaining more popularity in other parts of Asia and some parts of the world.

On this intro- I chose to feature the more wearable casual/sweet styles suitable for my age and where I live.

 The basic components of this super kawaii look are=
    -a curly, braided/styled hair that looks cute and girly(hair accessories and bangs are a plus!), straight hair can also work provided that it is pin straight with bangs/layers/highlights.
    -circle lenses ( to achieve that dolly big-eye look)
   -liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes pref with lower eyelashes (for the false eyelashes I normally prefer Japanese brands since they are made with a longer width and are styled differently which is more suited for Gyaru makeup but you can also use local brands ;)  )
   - accessories and a fashionable/cute outfit
   - fussy nail art/deco nails

To give you a better sense of what it looks like here are some pics of my fave models sporting the look! enjoy! (ps. click on the pics for the larger version) I am not really an expert on this type of fashion myself since I still need to learn alot, I just want to share what I know of so far.

the queen of the heap...tsubasa masuwaka!!!!

my second favorite! chinatsu wakatsuki :)

random gyaru pics :) Can you spot the not? :p

Sadly Popteen, Popsister, Egg and other gal/gyaru/hime magazines are not available in the philippines.

But you can check out some magazine scans provided in the link at the top to keep you up to date with the latest Gyaru/Japanese fashion and beauty trends!

Let's do this! xx