Tuesday, July 12

I'm back!!!

I am so sorry for being away for so long. I got very busy and distracted and I lost my will to blog (LOL!).  Anyhoo!  I'm here to stay and I've got new and exciting changes up for you guys (besides the new layout!)

For those new to this blog, I used to post as "beautyeditorwannabe" back in the days when all I was obsessed about was make-up and beauty stuff(not that I stopped obsessing about them now)...but aside from writing about make-up and beauty stuff that are cheap/worth every penny, I am also going to start blogging about fashion and japanese gal/gyaru style since I am pretty much hooked on it right now. Trust me...its fab! and very flattering to most girls. I will also post some random unrelated stuff now and then if I feel like its interesting enough for you guys to read.

Okay now for my first topic-

The first item that every self-respecting gal should own is a reliable(and preferrably ceramic) curling iron. I've long since stopped getting my hair permed because there were times when I got bored with curly hair and wanted it to be simple and straight.

Okay now to my super favorite hair tool!!!
My medium barrel ceramic curling iron from babyliss!!! (bought it at around 2k+ at SM dept. store)
-the medium barrel is preferred if you have long hair and you want more loose relaxed waves! (downside to  this is when it's humid or hot- you need to use strong mousse or hairspray for it to last)
-It works really well for short to long hair.

Product review-
Okay I was such a cheapskate for hair tools that I always bought those cheap curling irons from watsons(that overheat/damage easily). I didn't really know any better. I will never use any of those again....ever!

The thing I love about this baby is that it cuts my curling time in half. It heats up super fast(seconds fast!) and you can change the temp. settings(very impt. if you have fine/damaged locks). Its ceramic nano coating makes the barrel easier to maneuver since it reduces hair friction.  It makes hair so shiny and causes less damage compared to other non ceramic coated/non temp. regulating curling iron.

This is so worth the investment since I will be using this for a very long time!!!

To give you a better sense of what kind of curl it gives, this is one of the many gal hairstyles I've tried doing recently.

 Or if you are going for a more dressed up/mature look

 That's it for now!