Wednesday, July 27

hey nana, I've missed you

I am so in love with Nana. It's a famous japanese manga/anime and movie. I've read and watched all of them and it never fails to break my heart and make me love the story so much. For those of you who aren't familiar with the story you can watch the trailer for the live action movie here. Youtube also hosts english subbed versions of the full movie split into diff parts(just search for it there! they have nana 1 and nana 2!)

They made two live action films based on the manga and I am quite happy with them although I was sad that the 2nd film had a diff actress to reprise the role of Hachi. for those who can't get enough of the story you can watch the anime online or read the manga online too! you can just search for it on google.

 This is one of my fave songs from the movie:

take care! xx