Saturday, July 30

Etude house no. 11 underlashes review

warning! camwhoring photos ahead! read more if you dare! ;)

Good news/bad news, I've finally gotten around to practice using my etude house no. 11 lashes or the underlashes.

For any die-hard gyaru wannabe...the underlashes are what separates the amateurs from the experts I think(Since it is painstaking to apply them properly!!!)


And boy did I have a super hard time getting them to stick to the right position!

It is important to note that this is my first attempt at putting on underlashes so I didn't have high hopes of getting it done right immediately...

After a few unsuccessful tries and 30 mins later..voila! underlashes application finished!

Ok, now on to the bad news......

After all the hardwork on learning how to put them on properly.......

 I lost one of the underlashes!!!   

Lesson learned for today- Put away in a safe enclosed place when not in use!!!

Review: Lashes needed to be cut around 2 stalks to leave space near the tearduct so it doesn't look too freaky or twiggy-like. They were pretty ok to use I guess(I don't have much to compare with since these are my first pair).

The price is pretty cheap and it's available in the Philippines so that's a really good thing since underlashes are hard to come by here...the only complaint I have is the glue that comes with it. It takes awhile to go tacky and it is so hard to remove/wash off from the lashes after using them.

That's all for now!

Stay pretty! xx

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