Tuesday, July 26

Etude house loot and 2 bargain buys

Internet is back! woohoo! sorry for this super delayed post guys. I'm now gonna start raving about this Korean cosmetics brand Etude house! What I love about them is that aside from the good quality cosmetics offered, they come in super kawaii packaging and the store is so pretty you want to stick around there forever!(okay maybe not forever but for a very long time trying out everything!) They have testers for all the products even the skincare ones! (very impt!!!) The prices are pretty cheap/affordable compared to other cosmetics brand but they are of very good quality I must say (definitely worth every penny!)

Anyway, here are the stuff i got there- precious minerals bb cream all day strong in super glowing skin, underlashes (no.11), line nuance duo(gold shadow-white liner), marble marble shimmer in rose marble peach they even gave me a freebie- their baking soda facial wash!(yipee!!!)

marble marble shimmer in rose marble peach- I really love using this on my nose and cheeks, it gives you that glowy look without looking yucky oily

Underlashes-This is the only brand that sells underlashes in the phils right now(aside from shu and those pre-order online stores-ugh! I hate pre-ordering!) I haven't gotten around to using this since this since it was pretty difficult to put them on on my first try...will post a review later on about this.

Line nuance duo(gold/white)-I really love that this simplifies my lower and inner eye makeup so much! I used to use two different products for it now I only need one to line my lower waterline and highlight the inner and lower inner corners of my eyes perfectly! Its so handy that these two comes in pen/sponge applicator type :)

Precious minerals all day strong bb cream in sheer glowing skin- This bb cream is ah-mazing! it provides medium-full coverage depending on how you apply it. I need to use powder to set it though to make it last all day since I chose the creamier formulation for a more glowing/dewy look. They actually have 3 diff variants. This is the 2nd one-sheer glowing skin-I chose this because I think it is easier to apply and gives me the dewy finish I want. An added bonus for oily/acne prone people like me is that it didn't give me any breakouts after a heavy night of partying. I got too tired to wash my face after but I didn't get bumps/pimples the morning after. This is sooo worth it! The possible downside to this might be the limited shades available. They only have three so if you have dark skin then you might have trouble finding a shade that matches you without giving a grayish cast.

 Oh and the freebie baking soda facial wash is my new favorite cleanser! I think it helped make my skin clearer and bump-free :)

Now onto the bargain buy. I wanted this glitter eyeliner from etude house but it didn't fit my budget already so I went to the department store and bought a cheap version of this instead from ever bilena! :) It gives the same effect although the etude house one is a bit brighter yellow though. But the glitter liner from ever bilena is definitely a bang for your buck! I also saw this orange/pink blush from careline and I wanted to get one since these two colors are so in with japanese fashion mags right now. Sadly though the color payoff isn't that good but I guess its usable provided you have a good blush brush(the one that comes with it is super lame!)

I will definitely be going back to etude house! I already got their pink membership card so I am ready to rack up mucho points!!!